Collection: Bags


Big and sturdy bags designed to last

My mom asked me to make her a patchwork tote bag three years ago from our old family clothing… Ever since I made that first one I’ve been on a quest to make *the* perfect tote bag, and I think this design is pretty darn close. 

Each bag is made entirely from scrap fabric I receive from various local dressmakers and mills and is therefore completely unique. I carefully sort, wash and organise the scraps before I start. I then create a composition and sew pieces together, slowly building it up until it’s the right size, and do the same for the lining. I often try and use the fabric scraps in their original state - I find this often leads to more interesting shapes and structures. 

The bag features an inside pocket that’s big enough to hold your phone and other small trinkets, a small outside pocket (good for sunglasses); as well as a little carabiner hook to hang your keys, ties to keep your bag from falling open, and padded straps (quilted with 4 layers of cotton canvas) to make it comfier to carry. 
The only new materials used to make the bags are the thread to sew everything together, and the small logo tags.