Made slowly and intentionally by hand

Lucie (she/her) is a French and American weaver and textile designer based in Muizenberg, Cape Town. Her work focuses on using natural materials and repurposing and upcycling where possible to create hand-woven pieces for the home.

She currently weaves on a 10 shaft Öxabäck floor loom called Norma, an 8 shaft table loom called Essie, and a 16 shaft table loom called Janet. 


Lucie weaving on the floor loom


 “In a world where overconsumption is the norm, I feel that there is a need for unique, hand-made, timeless designs, and I try to apply these principles in my work.

I love the imperfect nature of handmade things, and appreciate the qualities that the inextricable bond between the artist’s hands and the imprints they make bring to the final piece.”



About Me


I never know what to say when people ask me where I’m from, because I don’t have a one-word, clear-cut answer. I am French, American, and Belgian, and grew up travelling with my family. 
I was born in Zimbabwe, and lived there until I was seven. After we left Harare, we spent three years in the United States so we could be closer to the American side of our family, and then moved to France for my father’s job. After I graduated from high school there, I lived in Spain and in Belgium for my studies. 
Even though I’ve moved around a lot, I’m still not really “good” at it! I like familiarity and feeling rooted, so each new beginning means culture shock, adjustment, disorientation... But I am so grateful I lived in the places I did. I was lucky enough to grow up with different cultures and, thanks to this, I was exposed to different ways of thinking and seeing the world.
I suppose I feel more French than anything else - but French people tell me that I have an accent, and Americans tell me that I seem French… so I've learned to think of “home” as more a state of mind rather than a place.


Lucie holding a weaving she made


Future Plans

Id like to see myself weaving more, and creating things on a slightly bigger scale.

My dream is to live in a home where everything is handmade or made with purpose and intention. Id happily live in a world where bartering were a socially acceptable means of payment - I love trading my fabric for something else made by hand!

One day, I’d love to have a few more looms and the opportunity to teach people to weave… and perhaps be able to weave fabric on a slightly larger scale and work with local clothing designers to make hand-woven garments.